• Prefabrication Is Flexible for Customization as Per Budget: Pre-engineered buildings or modular buildings have the advantage of being easily dismantled or re-assembled at any location whenever it’s required
  • Prefabrication Is Actually Ancient, and Not a New Concept: Interestingly, the early stone age civilizations built StoneHenge, now located in England, during the Neolithic period in 3100 BC was constructed in various stages where each upright tapered stone and the lintel stone were separately chiseled and placed together using tenon and mortise joints.
  • Prefabrication Is Environment-Friendly: utilizing energy-efficient window glasses, installation of solar panels and water heaters, and replacement of the HVAC systems with geothermal systems, all belong to modular construction.
  • Prefabrication Is a Quick Process but Doesn’t Compromise on Quality: The manufacturing unit has a controlled factory environment where each module is individually built. This makes it easier to monitor the used material’s quality closely
  • Prefabricated Structures Offer Tax Benefits: Loans taken to permanently purchase or build a modular home are completely tax-deductible. Interestingly, even the ones purchased without loans are tax-deductible. Additionally, if your modular home has solar panels, solar heaters, wind turbines, or geothermal systems installed, you can strike off 30% of the costs from your taxes for each system that is installed.

Src : https://cormode.com/2019/07/seven-interesting-facts-about-prefabrication-process/



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