Image : Hover Dam

  • A dam is a barrier designed and constructed to contain the flow of water. It is often built in conjunction with a hydroelectric power station to provide electricity.
  • The Hoover Dam, built along the Colorado River between 1931 and 1936, reaches 726 feet in height (221 meters).
  • When the Hoover Dam was completed it was both the world’s largest concrete structure and largest hydroelectric power station.
  • As of 2010, the tallest dam in the world is Nurek Dam in Tajikistan. Completed in 1980, it reaches 300 meters (984 feet) in height.
  • The construction of the Itaipu Dam on the border of Brazil and Paraguay (completed in 1984) cost around US$20 billion, this shows Dams are huge engineering projects that require vast financial resources.


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