India’s first Intermodal Station (IMS) integrating rail, road and metro terminals, is set to come up by the end of 2023 at Nagpur.

The first phase of the project which was bid out by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), will come up on 44.5 acres of land in the city and is expected to handle over three lakh passengers per day.

The IMS project has been designed on the lines of Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center in the United States, Salaris Transit Center in Moscow, and Jiaxing Train Station in China.

An NHAI official said the project has been awarded and works are to begin soon. The highways authority will have a project completion deadline of 30 months from the construction start date and will be responsible for maintenance of it for 10 years, said the NHAI official.

Arrival and departure areas at the IMS would be on different levels for efficient movement, and the station will house shopping and dining facilities for commuters, said officials.

What are Intermodal stations?

  • Terminal infrastructure integrating various transportation modes
  • Rail, road, mass rapid transit system (MRTS), bus rapid transit (BRT), taxis and private vehicles under one roof
  • These stations ensure the movement of people from one mode to another seamlessly

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