Every year, especially during the festive seasons, thousands of people across the world went back to their home towns where joyful celebrations and their beloved ones were waiting and when they came to know that their beloved ones were not in the world anymore and felt like nothing is left in the world.

Some tips to reduce these incidents while driving:

*USE TURN SIGNALS: you can’t depend on others always signal their intentions when driving So always use your turn signals in advance for lane change using appropriate Indicators.

*USE SEAT BELTS: It is essential for the safety of drivers. If you aren’t wearing a seat belt; there are more chances of accidental injuries.

*FOLLOW TRAFFIC SIGNALS: Keep in mind to and obey stop signs and traffic lights. Red light to bring your vehicle to a complete stop.

*AVOID DISTRACTIONS: Avoid phone calls or text messages, eating and talking to passengers while driving

*NEVER DRIVE WHEN DRUNKEN: Avoid operating a vehicle if you have been drinking, taking certain types of drugs, or are impaired.

*BE PREDICTABLE: Never make sudden stops or lane changes. Instead , take care to ensure that other drivers on road are able to predict your actions to maximize safety.


*During the joyful moments of new year on January one ,3892 injuries were reported in Thailand due to road accidents and the death toll for the same rose by 9.5 % from 2018.

*In New Zealand, 12,456 injured by road accident and 286 fatal road crash.

*In Vietnam, a total of 18,490 road accidents and 8079 deaths occurred throughout the last year.

*Acc.  to world health organization number of road accidents has now reached 1.35 million per year. If current trends continue, then road traffic injuries will end up as the three contributor to the global burden of disease and injury by 2020.

**In 2019 India reported over 151,000 fatalities due to road accidents, each year 3 to 5% of country GDP was invested to road accidents.

*20 child under the age of 14 die every day due to road crashes.

Top 10 cities with highest road crashes:











Some measures taken to reduce road accidents:

Technology and AI is helping to bolster road safety:

*AI for road safety: PTT Global chemical public company limited with FRONTIS and Microsoft to roll out the AI road safety project in Thailand, it used AI technology to track drowsy drivers and monitor driver behavior.

*Tackle truck drivers fatigue using AI: In New Zealand AI-powered device installed in the cab of the truck to scan the driver’s eyes to detect signs of fatigue and distraction.

Driver’s seat will vibrate and give an alarm if driver’s eyelid closed for one and half a second.

*Smart pavement: A company called Integrated roadways is currently trying in Denver, Colorado, a section of smart pavement that can detect the speed, weight, and direction of a vehicle.


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  2. Your Blog is awesome. You explained all things in a understanding and manner way.
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